Copy from electronic weekly newsletter sent to parents:

Tirana International School

March 1, 2017


Important Dates

March 1 - Scholarship Renewal Application due

March 1 - Albanian Language Classes for adults

March 1 - Latin Dance for Parents at 11:00AM

March 1 - TAIS -Basketball FINAL

March 2 - Parent Support Group Meeting - 8:00 am in cafeteria

March 2 - English Language Lessons

March 2-4 CEESA MS & HS Swimming Meet – Bratislava

March 3 - Spring Elementary/Middle School Musical Seussical

March 3 - Albanian Language Classes for adults

March 3 - Status report goes home

March 3 - ASA 3rd round will be published ***New***

March 4 - Spring School Musical Seussical at 9:00-11:00AM.***New***

March 6 - Latin Dance for Parents at 11:00AM

March 7 - Teacher Appreciation Day***New***

March 7 - Sign Up Registration Process for the 3rd round of ASA at 18:00 ***New***

March 8 - Albanian Language Classes for adults

March 8- Latin Dance for Parents at 11:00AM

March 9 - English Language Lessons

March 10 - Albanian Language Classes for adults

March 13 & 14- Holiday

March 15 - Albanian Language Classes for adults

March 15 - Latin Dance for Parents at 11:00AM

March 16 - English Language Lessons

March 17 - Albanian Language Classes for adults

March 17 - Last Day of 2nd round of ASA***New***

March 18 - Saturday Soccer Begins ***New***

March 21 - First Day of 3rd Round of ASA***New***

March 23 - TAIS Elementary Music Festival***New***

March 23 - Music Concert of the 10 Year Old Class***New***

March 30 -  No ASA***New***

March 30 - Student Led Conferences by Appointments 4:00PM-8:00PM***New***

March 31 - Student Led Conferences by Appointments 8:00AM- 12 noon   ***New***

March 31 - No School for Students ***New***

March 31- Term III Tuition Payment is Due***New***




Director's Desk

At the end of March, TIS will hold our first school-wide Student Led Conferences (SLC), during which the students from each grade level will discuss their subjects with parents and teachers.  These meetings differ drastically from the traditional parent/teacher conferences as it provides students with a voice in their own learning.  Over the next month, teachers will lead students through a process of reflection and help them to create a presentation that touches on all core subjects and their success orientations.  At the end of March, parents will book a single appointment and their children will present to them and a team of teachers, who will be there to support the students and ask questions.  

Next week we will send out a personalized link to your family so that you can schedule your child's meeting.  If you would like to see some more information about SLCs, then watch this great Edutopia video that explains it quite well.  We look forward to helping your students continue to take ownership of their own learning.  

One change that you will see in the calendar comes as a response from parents from the previous round of conferences.  Note that March 30 will be a full day of school with conferences scheduled after school from 4:00 - 8:00.  On March 31, there will be no school except for those students that have scheduled conferences.  The revised schedule:

March 29 - Normal day of school

March 30 - Normal day of school (no after school activities)

March 30 - Conferences by appointment (4:00 - 8:00 pm)

March 31 - Conferences by appointment (8:00 am - 12 noon), otherwise no school for students.


Looking Forward,

Robert Jackson, Director 



March 7 - Teacher Appreciation

TIS will celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day on Tuesday, March 7th this year! Some of you might already be aware that March 7th is "Teacher's Day" in Albania. It is a special day to recognize our children's teachers.

Children and parents, if you are so inclined, then please feel free to individually offer teachers a personalized token of appreciation (write a thank you card, bring flowers or give a hug to someone for being an awesome teacher). There's absolutely no pressure to do these things, we simply want to inform you of this opportunity to express gratitude to teachers. 

This year, the Parent Support Group (PSG) will mark Teacher Appreciation Day by providing breakfast and special treats to the TIS staff in the teacher's lounge throughout the day. Let's make this a great day for our amazing teachers!

Please feel free to email us should you have any questions!

Rita Shaughnessy and Enida Jashari

PSG Teacher Appreciation Day Coordinators and


2017-2018 Scholarships

We have launched the new round of need based scholarships for Albanian students for the 2017-2018 school year.  If you know of a worthwhile candidate, please pass on our application and instructions.  Note that all new applications and supporting documentation are due by March 31.  


Spring Soccer

The Tirana Youth Sports Program (TYSP) will start the spring season of soccer from March 18 to May 6.  For 7 consecutive Saturdays children will learn both team play and individual skills development. Through skills and drills we work to progress the full range of soccer techniques including dribbling and passing with different surfaces of the foot, receiving the ball on the ground and in the air, and shooting techniques as well as how to react quickly to various game-like situations. They will also have the opportunity to apply all the knowledge acquired by playing a soccer match. Register here.



Library Focus

Recently, six year olds and nine year olds had a wonderful time in the library celebrating 100 days of school. They listened to a story and compared/contrasted how the characters in the story and students at TIS celebrate the 100th day of school. It was the perfect time to have fun with the number 100 and students gave 100+ reasons for liking TIS.


Seussical Tryouts

Tryouts for the spring elementary/middle school musical Seussical will be held on March 3 at 3:15, with callbacks set for March 4 at 9:00 am.  All interested students should try out by getting the musical book from the sign up sheet in the music room, which has been  available since February 21.  See full information here  


Spelling Club

Students of the Spelling Club love this funny ode, “Owed two a Spell Checker.” This is a perfect example that shows that unfortunately, you cannot rely solely on the spell check for errors. Spell check helps with small mistakes that good spellers make and for common typographical errors such as typing “teh” instead of “the”, but they do not catch situations when words are spelled correctly but used incorrectly. You must still take the extra step to proofread your writing. This is why spelling and precise word usage is important.


Upcoming Concert - 10 Year Olds

On March 23, TIS will be hosting the first TAIS (Tirana Association of International Schools) Elementary Music Festival.  Students from 4 international schools around Tirana will come together to make music.  

From TIS, our 10 year old class is participating and preparing music for the concert.  The concert will be at 6:00 in the evening in the TIS cafeteria!  Don't miss this great concert!!


French News

In the current unit, in secondary French students are learning to name and describe their favorite sports as well as to talk about daily activities and daily care. In order to perform these tasks, students are also learning about grammar. In particular, they are learning to use reflexive verbs in both present and past tenses and to use the pronouns Y and En.  Culturally, we are focusing on what sports French people enjoy and the ways French people keep in shape. By comparing our own habits and activities with those of the French, we gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the similarities and differences between our cultures.



Preschool News

Our weekly letter is letter B. B stands for Bumble bee, Butterfly, Ball, etc. For this letter the preschoolers are making a Beehive. They need to color the egg carton with yellow paint, cut and glue the bees on it. Furthermore, we will discuss how the beehive represents the community and teamwork.