Tirana International School

June 14, 2017


Important Dates

June 16 - Deadline to Request School Records

June 20 – Last Day Quintile V. 

June 20 – School Records Available in Office

June 20 – Last Day of School_11:30 AM Dismissal

June 22 – Status Reports will be sent home via email 

June 26 - First day of Summer Camp



Director's Desk

Who could believe that we have nearly completed the 2016-2017 academic year?  It is easy to look back on the year and remember the big events that shaped the school:  Fall Festival, the food drive, Fall into reading, winter concert, reading buddy cafe, Arsenic and Old Lace, math month, the student garden, TIS 25th Gala, international night, and Seussical!  However for the teachers and administrators, we will always remember this year as a time when students put forth incredible effort, took on new challenges, and learned concepts that at one time seemed too difficult.  We will never forget the daily successes that come from dedication.

As we close out the year next week, we want to remind you all of the incredible learning opportunities that your children will have in 2017-2018.  From the very first day of school, August 24, we will be actively engaging with new concepts and learning how to work together in the classroom.   Plan to be there!

Just as a reminder, those families that will be leaving the school at the end of the year are requested to let the front office know what documents your new schools might require.  Please make sure that requests are sent in no later than June 16 so that we might put all of your needed paperwork together in preparation for the last day of school.  

Looking Forward,

Robert S. Jackson



House of Leaves

This week, government students had the opportunity to visit the House of Leaves museum. The house, near the center of Tirana, was used as the headquarters of Albania's secret police during the communist period. Having just opened to the public a few weeks ago, this was a great opportunity for students to learn about the surveillance and intimidation tactics used by the repressive regime.


Art Show

Graduating Secondary IV student Peter displayed his art at the graduation ceremony, turning the studio by the sports field into an art gallery. His imaginative pieces intrigued and involved the audience. God job, Peter!