Copy from electronic weekly newsletter sent to parents:

Tirana International School

January 25, 2017 


Important Dates

 January 26 - English Language Classes for adults

January 26 - PSG meeting in cafeteria at 8:00

January 26- TAIS Basketball “AC Tirana vs TIS”

January 27- Albanian Language Classes for adults

January 30- Latin Dance for Parents at 11:00AM***New***

February 1- Albanian Language Classes for adults

February 1- Latin Dance for Parents at 11:00AM***New***

February 1- TAIS Basketball “GDQ vs TIS”

February 2- English Language Classes for adults

February 2- Parent coffee with Directors - 8:00 am in cafeteria

February 2 until 5- CEESA HS Knowledge Bowl – Zagreb

February 2 until 5- CEESA MS Math Counts – Skopje

February 3- Albanian Language Classes for adults

February 6- Latin Dance for Parents at 11:00AM***New***

February 8- Albanian Language Classes for adults

February 8- Latin Dance for Parents at 11:00AM***New***

February 9- English Language Classes for adults

February 9 until 12- CEESA HS Tech Robotics – Prague

February 9- TAIS Basketball “TIS vs AC Durres”

February 10- Albanian Language Classes for adults

February 13- 100th Day of School***New***

February 13- Latin Dance for Parents at 11:00AM

February 15 until 17- Midwinter Break

February 20- School Resumes

February 20- Latin Dance for Parents at 11:00AM***New***

February 22 - Albanian Language Classes for adults

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Director's Desk

We are happy to announce that the new school fitness room is open and ready for use.  For students, this means that they will be able to use the treadmills, ellipticals, weights, and other pieces of equipment for their PE class time under the supervision of their instructors.  For parents, this means that you are free to use the facilities in the mornings, evenings or weekends at your convenience.  The guard can give you the key to the room.  Some basic instructions have been posted on how the machines can be safely used and we hope that you will make full of this new addition.  Photos can be seen here:

Yesterday we sent out a survey on your intentions for the next school year.  Please take a couple of minutes and fill it out so that we can establish class lists.

Finally, let me remind all parents that our first Parent Support Group (PSG) meeting of 2017 will be on Thursday morning at 8:00 in the cafeteria.  We will discuss some ongoing projects and get your input on some important events that are coming up this Spring.  

Looking Forward,

Robert Jackson, Director 



6 & 10 Collaboration

The 6 year old class and 10 year old class have been collaborating together since the beginning of the year. They have had the opportunity to read, edit writing assignments, do the group interaction assembly, attend field trips, and even enjoy Fun Friday together. This collaboration has not only been enjoyable, but also beneficial to their social and educational development. We look forward to continuing this collaboration throughout the rest of the school year!


New University Acceptances

Congratulations to our Secondary 4 students on these new announcements:

Hejdi - Hult International Business School, San Francisco, USA

Peter - - Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee, Berlin, Germany


Dreaming Like Chagall

The 5 year old students are learning in art how to explore surrealism and early cubism from famous artists like Chagall.  Marc Chagall paintings are filled with vibrant, bold colors and enchanting stories of memories from his childhood with circus scenes and animals, to dreams and fantasies. The students are experimenting with the artist’s style by applying the medium of pastels and crayons onto their artwork. They felt very inspired by his paintings and are creating a circus scene with animals and people, activating their imagination and filling it with colors.


Change of Perspective

The students in the 13 year old Literature class are working in groups analyzing the different types of folktales; fairy tales, fables, myths, legends and tall tales.  After reading a variety of each students will then retell one of these tales from the point of view of a different character during their writing unit.


True Hero?

Secondary 1 Students have been studying Homer's Odyssey this week. They have followed the epic hero Odysseus on his journey home to Ithaca and analyzed his character traits. However, is the "master mariner and soldier" truly heroic? The class is divided 50/50, what do you think?


Digital Citizenship

The 9 Year olds students are currently working on their Digital Citizenship unit. In this unit the student will learn about using communication in all of its forms in a responsible fashion.  This learning is done in the context of exploring how technological applications might be used to solve a specific social, political, economic, environmental or cultural problem. They are researching how computer viruses work and how can one be a responsible/safe digital citizen.


Modern Research

The 7 year olds have been learning about research reports in writing. They have learned to search for information, take notes, and write a report in their own words. They have been researching famous inventors and their inventions to go along with our study of technology long ago and today for Cultural Studies. Students have read books and articles searching for facts, and next they will go through the steps of the writing process to complete their reports.


Giant Learning

Last week in the 4-year-old class, the students learned about "Nature's Giants". They discussed different features and facts about the sun, the moon and stars, as well as dinosaurs. The most popular activity during the week was watching constellations in the "sky" with the help of flashlights and paper cups! 


Is That a Fact?

The 10 year old class has been working to better differentiate between Facts and Opinion in our Unit on Nonfiction Persuasive Texts. This has also helped the students in their writing of persuasive letters and essays to see how other writers will use facts to back up an opinion they believe in. We have also been reading narrative nonfiction stories to see how writers can takes sources of historical information and use it to tell a story, which can make the topic more relatable and spark an interest in new topics.


Spanish News

The students in Spanish 3 had to learn vocabulary related to personal qualities. They discussed qualities related to friendship and personal relationships. They expressed their emotions and reactions to conflicts in a relationship. The students also explained motives for actions and behaviors and practice conflict resolution techniques. They sat all together as a team in a round table to talk about this topic and everyone liked the synergy between them.