Copy from electronic weekly newsletter sent to parents:

Tirana International School

February 8, 2017


Important Dates

February 9- English Language Classes for adults

February 9 until 12- CEESA HS Tech Robotics – Prague

February 9- TAIS Basketball “TIS vs AC Durres”

February 10- Albanian Language Classes for adults

February 13- 100th Day of School

February 13- Latin Dance for Parents at 11:00 AM

February 15 until 17- Midwinter Break

February 20- Latin Dance for Parents at 11:00 AM

February 22 - Albanian Language Classes for adults

February 22- Latin Dance for Parents at 11:00 AM

February 23 - English Language Classes for adults

February 24 - Albanian Language Classes for adults

February 24 – Math Carnival from 13:45-15:15***New***

March 1- Scholarship Renewal Application due***New***

March 2-4 CEESA MS & HS Swimming Meet – Bratislava ***New***

March 3- Status report goes home***New***

See the school's live google calendar



Director's Desk

This week I want to point your attention to the information below about the 25th anniversary party for Tirana International School.  On April 22, the school will host a black tie event for parents, guests and students aged 11 and older.  You will not want to miss this event as we celebrate 25 years of success and all of the lives that have been touched through the work of the school.  The event will include a reception, a several course meal, special guests, dancing and a birthday cake!  

We will begin ticket sales and table reservations in March.  The price per ticket is 7000 leke for adults and 5000 for students - which includes all food, drinks, entertainment, and photographer.  

Looking Forward,

Robert Jackson, Director 



2017-2018 Scholarships

Today we launch the new round of need based scholarships for Albanian students for the 2017-2018 school year.  If you know of a worthwhile candidate, please pass on our application and instructions.  Note that all new applications and supporting documentation are due by March 31.  


100 Days

On Monday, Feb 13, we will celebrate100 Days of School.  TIS kids have been counting the days of school since August and are thrilled to reach and celebrate this big number.  There will be elementary rotations with activities tailored specifically for this day to get the students excited and involved.

Therefore, we would kindly ask you to participate by bringing a 100 leke coin by Monday morning for  the Bethany House Orphanage charity drive.  Bring 100 Lekë to help support a good cause as well as celebrate the 100th day of school!


Spring Soccer

The Tirana Youth Sports Program (TYSP) will start the spring season of soccer from March 18 to May 6.  For 7 consecutive Saturdays children will learn both team play and individual skills development. Through skills and drills we work to progress the full range of soccer techniques including dribbling and passing with different surfaces of the foot, receiving the ball on the ground and in the air, and shooting techniques as well as how to react quickly to various game-like situations. They will also have the opportunity to apply all the knowledge acquired by playing a soccer match. Register here.



11's Novel Study

For our 11 YO Novel Study unit in literacy, we've been digging into and dissecting Crispin: The Cross of Lead by AVI. Pictured we have students engaged in a discussion circle with onlooking peers taking notes to critique and provide feedback to have an even better discussion next time. 

One of the main characters in our tale was a traveling juggler (and spy- but I won't say more!) and so we thought to try out our hand at juggling too. By the end of the week we will have our book reviews out so you can hear what our students thought :) 


French News

French students have enjoyed reading “Arsène Lupin, gentleman cambrioleur”, during these last weeks.  Specially designed for teenagers, this collection of easy readings offers adaptations of classical works and texts of today to discover the pleasure of reading in French. Illustrations, activities and a glossary facilitate the understanding.  At the end of each adventure there is a comprehension rubric to include students in the discussion.  The character is clever and cheeky. In the three adventures presented in this book, he does not hesitate to leave evidence of his passage to deceive the police. He loves metamorphosing to escape Inspector Ganimard.



Taking Shape

The 12 Year Old Mathematics class is studying geometric figures. Students explored the building blocks of geometry- lines, angles and their relationships. They analyzed geometric forms in Modern and Islamic art. Now, they are testing their own hands at creating art, incorporating the geometric elements that they have studied. Stop by next week and see which geometric forms you can identify in their original geometric artwork! 



TIS community is actively recycling plastic and paper.  If you do not have any recycling bins close to your home, please, send your clean plastic and paper to school, and we will take care of it for you.  Just leave it in the designated bins located in the cafeteria and the classrooms.  The bins are labeled "Recycle Plastic" or "Recycle Paper."  

Let's conserve our resources and take care of our planet together!


Class Lists

Parents, we will be placing an updated class list for your child's grade in the take home folder today, February 8.  This list will contain the names of the children along with a contact email for parents, so that you might communicate with one another.  


All That Jazz

In music class, the 10s and 11s have been learning about jazz music and the history of jazz.  We have been exploring jazz styles such as ragtime, the blues. swing and cool jazz. We are focusing on several great jazz musicians, including Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Scott Joplin Benny Goodman.  Encourage your students to listen to jazz outside of class and explore their favorite style.


New Perspectives

Throughout the week we have created time within our day to imagine things that are make believe. When we do this exercise, we ask that the students close their eyes while we describe a unique character who can live anywhere. Lastly, we ask the students to draw the character they saw. This simple exercise can motivate the student to use their imagination or practice abstract thought.


Seussical Tryouts

Tryouts for the spring elementary/middle school musical Seussical will be held on March 3 at 3:15, with callbacks set for March 4 at 9:00 am.  All interested students should try out by getting the musical book from the sign up sheet in the music room, which will be available February 21.   


Foreign Language Photos