Copy from electronic weekly newsletter sent to parents:

Tirana International School

February 22, 2017


Important Dates

February 22- Starts the Spring Soccer registration process***New***

February 23 - English Language Lessons

February 23 – TAIS Basketball Semi-Finals

February 24 - Albanian Language Classes for adults

February 24 – Math Carnival from 13:45-15:15

February 27- Latin Dance for Parents at 11:00AM

February 28- Last day of Q III

March 1- Scholarship Renewal Application due

March 1 - Albanian Language Classes for adults

March 1- Latin Dance for Parents at 11:00AM

March 1- TAIS -Basketball FINAL

March 2 - Parent Support Group Meeting - 8:00 am in cafeteria **New**

March 2 - English Language Lessons

March 2-4 CEESA MS & HS Swimming Meet – Bratislava

March 3-Spring Elementary/Middle School Musical Seussical ***New***

March 3 - Albanian Language Classes for adults

March 3- Status report goes home

March 6- Latin Dance for Parents at 11:00AM

March 8 - Albanian Language Classes for adults

March 8- Latin Dance for Parents at 11:00AM

March 9 - English Language Lessons

March 10 - Albanian Language Classes for adults

March 13 & 14- National Holiday

March 15 - Albanian Language Classes for adults

March 15- Latin Dance for Parents at 11:00AM

March 16 - English Language Lessons

March 17 - Albanian Language Classes for adults

See the school's live google calendar



Director's Desk

One of the most important apsects about our community at TIS is having positive parent involvement in the life of the school.  Often I see parents participating in classes as mystery readers, honored guests, or just curious observers.  By taking a few minutes out of your schedule every few months to visit your child's school, the message is clear to her that education is important.  

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can be involved as a parent, I would encourage you to join our Parent Support Group (PSG) meeting on March 2 at 8:00 am in the cafeteria.  

Looking Forward,

Robert Jackson, Director 



2017-2018 Scholarships

We have launched the new round of need based scholarships for Albanian students for the 2017-2018 school year.  If you know of a worthwhile candidate, please pass on our application and instructions.  Note that all new applications and supporting documentation are due by March 31.  


Spring Soccer

The Tirana Youth Sports Program (TYSP) will start the spring season of soccer from March 18 to May 6.  For 7 consecutive Saturdays children will learn both team play and individual skills development. Through skills and drills we work to progress the full range of soccer techniques including dribbling and passing with different surfaces of the foot, receiving the ball on the ground and in the air, and shooting techniques as well as how to react quickly to various game-like situations. They will also have the opportunity to apply all the knowledge acquired by playing a soccer match. Register here.



100 Days

Thank you to all of the parents, students and teachers for making the 100th day of school 100% amazing!


Seussical Tryouts

Tryouts for the spring elementary/middle school musical Seussical will be held on March 3 at 3:15, with callbacks set for March 4 at 9:00 am.  All interested students should try out by getting the musical book from the sign up sheet in the music room, which will be available February 21.  See full information here  


Controlled Chaos

The art students this week have been engaged in the process of making abstract paintings.  Pouring free flow acrylic mediums with vibrant pigments is the heart of this process.  It is fascinating because it teaches the young artists a modern approach, how to combine and make the paints interact with each other. Students are free to expand their imagination, creating the perfect stage to allow the products to do what they want to do. In other words, as Jackson Pollock said –“It is controlled chaos on a dripping wet canvas.”


Sevens in Motion

The 7 year olds have been studying forces and motion in science. Students have been using their investigation skills to do a variety of experiments with motion. They have used marble tracks to see what happens when two objects of different sizes and weights collide. They have tested gravity by dropping two objects and seeing when each one lands. Next week they will explore friction by taking a field trip to go ice skating at the Ring Center. 


Kindness and Concern

Last week the 4-year-olds indulged in a mini-Valentines theme!  We had fun playing with sparkly, red and pink play doh, made beautiful keepsakes for loved ones and worked on patterns with numbers and hearts. We discussed the importance of showing care, respect and kindness to one-another, not only for one day, but throughout the year. 


Political Thoughts...

Student's in World Government have begun their investigation of influential political thinkers and ideologies. Students created posters comparing two famous thinkers of their choice. This foundation of understanding will guide students through the rest of the course while we discuss and compare government systems.


Art History

AP Art History class took a chance last week to visit the National Gallery in Tirana, which holds a temporary exhibition of Italian art of the 20th century, on the lease from the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Rome. Seeing real artworks is always better than looking at reproductions in books or on the internet, so no wonder the visit sparked a lot of interest and discussion. Students were asked to select their favorite painting and analyze it, what gave them a chance to apply knowledge recently acquired in class.   


HS Robotics

Congratulations to the secondary robotics team the Tirana Terminators.  They came in 7 out of 13 at the CEESA competition in Prague with their robot Shirley.  As you can see the team is hard at work fixing the robot after traveling!  Great job team!  We heard the trip was just so exciting feel free to ask them about 


So Fruity!

Students in Pre-Introductory Spanish have been learning about fruits in Spanish class. They learned a new song “El baile de la fruta” (The dance of the fruits) and showed some great dancing and singing skills in Spanish class. At the end of the unit we threw a great “Fruit Party”.


Adopt a Cat

My name is Fatida and I am approximately 1 1/2 years old. I used to live in the streets until I found my foster parents who have four cats so I thought I should ask for food there. That was more than two months ago. They gave me food regularly and when it became REALLY cold they built me a cosy little place outside  and even gave me a hot water bottle every evening to stay warm at night! Unfortunately, I could not come inside, because I don't get along well with the other cats.

My foster parents thought I was pregnant (but I'm a respectable little lady!) and when I didn't give birth they took me to the vet who found out that my tummy was so round because I was sick and needed a special diet to digest properly. When I was better I was sterilized (mauz!) last weekend. Since then I'm allowed to recover inside the house but I'm confined to one room because of the other cats, which is sort of boring. Soon I have to move out again....

I'm looking for a new home. I'm very good with people and kids in particular and I don't mind being an inside or outside cat. I like company very much and apart from my dietary requirements (which are easy to fulfill) I'm healthy. The vet even called me fat, can you imagine?!

So, if you are thinking of having a cat or know of somebody I would really be very grateful for a new home.