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Tirana International School

April 5, 2017


Important Dates

April 7- Last Day of Sale for the Gala Tickets

April 8- Tirana Youth Sports Program

April 10 -14 – Spring Break-No School

April 17- School Resumes

April 22- “Gala Event”   25th Anniversary of TIS, 6:00PM at Sheraton

April 27- 29 - CEESA MS Knowledge Bowl – Krakow

April 28 - Last Day of Quintile IV

May 1 - No School – National Holiday***New***

May 2 – AP Exams will start***New***

May 4 - 6 - CEESA HS & MS Girls Basketball – Tirana***New***

May 5 – Status Reports will be sent home ***New***

May 8 - 12  – MAP testing ***New***

May 12 – International Night at 6:00PM***New***



Each Wednesday & Friday – Albanian Classes for Adults

Each Thursday – English Classes for Adults

Each Monday and Wednesday – Latin Dance Classes for Adults.

Each Saturday until 6 May 2017- Tirana Youth Sports Program


Director's Desk

As a school, we spend a significant amount of time striving to meet the criteria of our US accreditation through the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.  This board reviews our school each year to ensure that we are meeting the requirements set before us to be labeled as an accredited educational institution.  Beyond the goals for growth that we have adopted, TIS maintains and expands upon the basic standards of education - mission, leadership, improvement planning, finances, facilities, organization, health/safety, educational program, assessment practices, student life, student services, and information resources.  Our MSA team meets regularly to plan and review our status according to these standards, with an eye toward improvement.  

As some parents begin the process of leaving Albania for their next position, we urge you to learn about accreditation so that you can properly evaluate potential schools for your children.  In the end, a high quality accreditation means external accountability, something which we highly value.  

Looking Forward,

Robert S. Jackson



TIS Black Tie Gala - April 22

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Home Country

Student in the Six Year old class did an outstanding job presenting their Home/Host Country Projects to their family and the entire school.  This was a cross curricular unit that covered Research and Persuasive Writing, Reading for Information, Forming Opinions, and Home/Host Country.  Our class of 14, all from different countries, made this event diverse and enjoyable. They each convinced us to want to go to their home country!


Balancing Equations

We have entered the dreaded pre Algebra units in the 13 year old mathematics class.  The important aspect of solving equations is thinking of them like a balance: what happens on one side must happen on the other. The students successfully worked together balancing and solving regular and multi-step equations


Art Workshop

As Peter is working to prepare his AP portfolio and pursuing a dream of becoming an artist, he had a chance to try out his skills as a teacher at this year’s Balkan Arts Festival, which took place at a QSI school of Montenegro last week. With his workshop entitled “Train Your Imagination”, he became our first ever student presenter.  His peers sincerely enjoyed the class and were very focused and well behaved students. Good luck for the future, Peter!


Veni, Vidi, Vici!

In Cultural Studies, the 8 year olds have been learning about Ancient Rome.  After studying and researching the history of Rome, students began making group projects to complete the unit.  Some students created a miniature 3-D Coliseum, the Forum and Marketplace, Aqueducts/Roads/Bridges  and  Circus Maximus, while other worked diligently on a presentation about Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Roman Government, Geography and Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Rome. Students will present their projects after break and hold a Roman Feast to celebrate their hard work!


German Counts!

We have been learning the ordinal numbers in German. We had fun making this long caterpillar game with little twists and helps. Whoever wins, can say loud in German: GEWONNEN!!!!!!! 


5's News

In writing, the students have been reintroduced in more depth to the unit called: “Respond to Literature”. Throughout this unit, the Fives learn how to voice their opinion about themes they are passionate about as well as learn how to defend their opinions using two to three reasons.  Therefore, last week, after having read the book The Lorax by Dr. Seussthe Fives worked in small groups and showed their best group interaction skills to write and illustrate various posters/petitions dictating their opinions about “Saving Trees” an issue they have strong feelings about.  


Bunk'Art Visit

This week, students in Government and AP Government went on a field trip to Bunk'Art 2. This complex of underground tunnels and rooms in the center of Tirana was prepared in case of emergency during the Communist era. The bunker is now used to tell the story of how the regime targeted and persecuted people perceived as threats to the state. Students spent time reading about specific individuals who were persecuted and viewing exhibits showcasing surveillance methods used by the government. The experience was both informative yet disconcerting. Students came away with a better understanding of how non-democratic regimes are effective at maintaining control over the populace.


Library News

The 6 year old class was engaged in a great activity for reinforcing our study on fiction vs. nonfiction. We have been identifying and discussing fiction and non-fiction text features, and focusing on how we can compare and contrast the two. Students used old newspapers and magazines to cut pictures of books and sorted them into fiction and nonfiction. They did great and loved the activity. 


French Update

In unit 7 students learn how to book a room in a hotel by the phone or e-mail. In grammar they learned how to compare people or things; also to express who, what is the best.  They reviewed interrogatives pronouns, demonstratives pronouns, possessives pronouns and how to use them in different situations.  In interlude cultural the students learned and introduced famous people of science and politics like Marie Curie and Charles de Gaulle.  During presentation they used the projector which made the class more interesting.