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Tirana International School

April 26, 2017


Important Dates

April 27 - PSG meeting and coffee with Phil Weirich about curriculum at 8:00AM

April 27- 29 - CEESA MS Knowledge Bowl – Krakow

April 28 - Last Day of Quintile IV

May 1 - No School – National Holiday

May 2 – AP Exams will start

May 5 – Status Reports will be sent home 

May 8 - 12  – MAP testing 

May 12 – International Night at 6:00 PM


Each Wednesday & Friday – Albanian Classes for Adults

Each Thursday – English Classes for Adults

Each Saturday until 6 May 2017- Tirana Youth Sports Program


Director's Desk

I would like to thank everyone that attended Tirana International School's 25th anniversary gala last weekend.  The evening was filled with good friends, food and laughter.  The support from the TIS community is simply amazing and we treasured every minute of being together to honor the years of service that we have experienced here in Albania.  Please find some photos at the bottom of the newsletter and stop by the office with a flash drive to get a copy of all of the pictures.  

Tirana International School will be hosting an International Night the evening of 12 May 6:00-8:00 PM.  With over 29 countries represented at the TIS, this event is a chance to discover much of the world in one night and to learn more about ourselves and each other. 

We would like to recognize each of the countries represented here at TIS and invite all of our parents to participate. You can help make this a rich experience by getting together with fellow parents from your home country or region to create a small display table. Displays might include cultural artifacts, traditional dress or costumes, music, arts and crafts, and of course food. 

This is a great opportunity for our community to get together and share with our children. We encourage all of you, parents and children, to wear a traditional dress or costume if you have one and to decorate your table. If you would like to participate in preparing a display, please fill out this contact form.

If you have any additional questions, please contact


Robert S. Jackson



International Night Q&A

Question: What is the schedule?                        


16.15 – Set up tables and displays                                                                

18:00 - Official opening                                                                   

18.15 – 20.00 – Tables open                                                   

20.30 – Clean up, but stay as late as you want!


Question: Will there be electricity?                 

Answer: If you need to plug in something like a computer or a CD player, then we will provide extension cords for you. However, we should warn you that you may not plug in hotplates or microwaves as it might overload our system.

Question: Can we heat up food?  

Answer: Yes, the school will provide two microwaves on the field and a full kitchen on the fourth floor that you may start using at 4:00.  Also, you are welcome to bring grills for cooking your own hot food on the spot!

QuestionHow big is our table?  

Answer: We will use tables from our classrooms that are 150cm x 90 cm. Each country may get as many tables as it is needed but will have to inform us in advance about the number.

QuestionAre there any changes in the program of International Night?           

Answer: Yes, this year we will give our students an opportunity to get visas from all the countries which they visit during our special event. Each student will have a world traveler passport, where you can do the following things to represent your country: Write the name of your country in your national language and in English. Use a stamp or a sticker with the name of your country. Also, we will have a flag parade. The oldest student from each country will hold a flag to represent all these cultures from around the world.


PSG Meeting

The PSG will meet on Thursday, April 27 at 8:00 to welcome Phil Weirich, the curriculum coordinator for QSI.  He will speak and then answer questions about how the school's curriculum is created.  Afterwards, we will discuss upcoming events.  


Sounds Great!

There have been a lot of different sounds coming from the 7 year old class lately! Students have been using their creativity and science skills to build their own instruments as part of our unit on sound. Students learned to describe what vibrates to make a sound and can demonstrate how to change the pitch and volume with their instruments. They even wrote their own songs to show the important vocabulary they learned throughout the unit.


Tinker Town

Programming is an essential skill in today's economy whether students will be programmers or not in their future careers. Students in our "Tinker Club" after school activity are currently learning concepts about programming and electronics through some Arduino learning kits. They will soon be able to control different sensors and input devices to measure temperature, motion, force and touch. This is a solid foundation to creating a well established maker-space in our school community.


Summer Camp 2017

The TIS  Summer Camp 2017 will be a fantastic place where your child will enjoy the fun and educational activity program , which will focus on a weekly theme and followed by a  weekly field trip outside the campus. This is a great environment to learn , develop social skills and most important have fun  during the hot summer days. TIS Summer will be offered to students  2-11 years old, stating at 9:00 am- 3:00 pm and healthy lunch included . For more information regarding the program and registration  please visit our activities website :

Register Now: 


Persuade Me!

This week the IE students started learning about Persuasive writing. At first,they studied the structure of persuasive essays and read models to create a better idea. Then, they organised their ideas about their own topic and wrote drafts.Now they are in the revising process, working a lot with each other and searching on the net to improve what they have written. A lot going on!


Cry Wolf

The theme of this week in the four-year-old class is traditional tales. We were invited up to the nine-year-old class to have the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" read to us on the projector. Everyone enjoyed the change of scenery and great discussions followed about the importance of being honest! 


Albanian Animals

The 10 yo in Albanian Language enjoyed the unit about wild animals, pets and their habitat. We talked and discussed about different animals, how to take care and protect them. The students wrote and described their favorite animal. They made a beautiful poster to go with the unit. Since they love animals so much, it was one of their favorite units in Albanian Language. 



Students in the Life Science class were working hard to find a two week menu for fictitious Cathy the Cafeteria manager.  Students worked from a long list of food items offered to find the best menu to fit Cathy's requirements of nutrition, variety and price.  It took a while but the students worked together to meet these requirements and sent a letter back to Cathy detailing their choices explaining why they chose those menus.



This time in art class we are learning about the French movement called neo impressionism, and a technique of painting called Pointillism. Georges Seurat and Paul Signac developed the technique in 1886. This technique relies on the ability of the eye and mind of the viewer to blend the color spots by using pigments on a palette into a fuller range of tones. Inspired by Seurat famous painting “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” students skillfully applied contrasting dots of paint on paper to form landscapes and seascapes. Pointillism is an excellent way to train these young artists to be patient, detailed, explore specific styles of brushwork and be creative.


AP Spanish

AP Spanish Language and Culture students have been engaged in oral and written discourse in a variety of timeframes on the following topics: 

  • Beauty and Aesthetics
  • Science and Technology
  • Contemporary Life
  • Families and Communities
  • Global Challenges
  • Personal and Public Identities

AP Spanish exam will take place May 2nd. It will be the first AP exam for this school year in TIS. We wish the students good luck and hopefully they will receive an AP grade that they deserve!


25th Anniversary Gala Photos