Tirana International School

April 19, 2017


Important Dates

April 22- “Gala Event”   25th Anniversary of TIS, 6:00PM at Sheraton

April 27 - PSG meeting and coffee with Phil Weirich about curriculum

April 27- 29 - CEESA MS Knowledge Bowl – Krakow

April 28 - Last Day of Quintile IV

May 1 - No School – National Holiday

May 2 – AP Exams will start

May 5 – Status Reports will be sent home 

May 8 - 12  – MAP testing 

May 12 – International Night at 6:00 PM

May 18-21 - CEESA MS Boys Soccer in St. Petersburg, Russia


Each Wednesday & Friday – Albanian Classes for Adults

Each Thursday – English Classes for Adults

Each Monday and Wednesday – Latin Dance Classes for Adults.

Each Saturday until 6 May 2017- Tirana Youth Sports Program


Director's Desk

The most frequent question we get when new students join the school is about our academic program.  What do we teach?  Do we use textbooks?  How do parents know what is happening in the classroom?  At TIS, we fortunate to have a QSI curriculum that is tailored to meet the educational needs of our students.  Written by dedicated educational professionals, this curriculum focuses on how students can demonstrate what they have learned in order to receive academic credit.  You will not find statements like "a student will know..." but will find statements like "the student will describe...", "the student will create...", and "the student will analyze..."  We want to make sure that knowledge is shown so that there can be an objective way of assessing the mastery of each subject.  

Next week we will have Phil Weirich, QSI's curriculum coordinator, at a special PSG meeting on Thursday, April 27 at 8:00 AM.  He will be on hand to explain more about our program and answer your questions about how it is put together.  We look forward to seeing you at this informative meeting.  


Robert S. Jackson




Mistina Loontjer is coming to TIS to teach the 10 year old class next year.  Currently she works at Baku International School and has been working with QSI for 5 years of her 13 years as a professional educator. She has had the opportunity to work and live in a variety of wonderful places such as Thailand, Timor-Leste, Peru, Azerbaijan and South Dakota and Colorado in the United States and has loved learning from each of these experiences.  She is now very much looking forward to moving to and working in Tirana. She loves teaching and is looking forward to a fun, energetic and creative class and community!


Drawing Tunes

The 5s, 6s and 7s have been listening to the music of Beethoven and Bach and creating a visual representation of the music they hear. Their drawings are full of creativity and imagination! Come see the final product on the walls of the music room stage. 


Odds and Ends

The 12 YO Mathematics class is studying Probability. They are developing mathematical skills to predict outcomes in real life situations such as sports and weather. This week they have engaged in lively debates about what "fair" means in the context of mathematical experiments and the effect of "fairness" on predicting theoretical probability. 


Act it out!

In the three year olds class, the children are participating in a variety of activities to learn nursery rhymes. The children are acting, singing, and reciting favorite rhymes like Little Miss Muffet and Twinkle Twinkel Little Star. 


Intensive English

IE students are industriously  engaged in recording factual information as they study "Little Scientist" and perform experiments.


French Travel

In French class, the 11 year olds are learning how to describe vacation plans to many countries of the world and to talk about travel by plane and by train.  We continue to explore French culture, and in this unit we focus on what French young people typically do during their summer vacation and the kinds of places they might go. Students are practicing a variety of real-life situations, simulating actual communication and conversation in French.